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    Ten Mile Coffee Drip Scale
    A$59.95 A$39.95
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    Espresso Scale
    Brewista Smart Scale 2
    A$114.95 A$93.90
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    Large Waterproof Coffee Scale Batch Brewing
    Brewista Ratio Scale
    A$149.95 A$139.95
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    Home and Cafe Pour Over Coffee Scales
    Hario Drip Scales
    A$87.95 A$79.90
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    White Pour Over Smart Scale for Coffee Enthusiasts
    Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale- White
    A$249.00 A$214.00
  • Sale!
    Acaia Pearl Scale - Black
    Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale- Black
    A$249.00 A$224.00
  • Sale!
    Acaia Pearl S Brewing Scale
    A$319.00 A$299.00
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    Acaia Lunar Coffee Scales
    Acaia Lunar Scales
    A$359.00 A$304.00
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    Silver espresso brewing scale for coffee
    Acaia Lunar Scale – Silver
    A$349.00 A$304.00
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    Small Acaia Coffee Scale Phone Connectivity
    Acaia Cinco Scales
    A$399.00 A$379.00
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    Acaia Lunar Scales
    Acaia Lunar Kit
    A$384.90 A$349.90
  • Acaia Calibration Kit
  • Sale!
    Hiroia Jimmy Coffee Scale
    Hiroia Jimmy Espresso & Brewing Scale
    A$479.00 A$389.00
  • Sale!
    Acaia Orion Bean Doser
    A$1,295.00 A$1,249.00
  • Home and Barista Coffee Brewing Scale
    Felicita Incline Coffee Scale
  • Large Coffee Brewing Scale with Bluetooth Connectivity
    Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale
  • Smart Coffee Scale for Barista with Bluetooth
    Felicita Arc Coffee Scale
  • Rhinio Coffee Gear Dosing Scale – 1Kg
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    Hario Pour Over Metal Coffee Drip Scales
    Hario Metal Drip Scale
    A$159.95 A$149.00
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    Large Coffee Brewing Scale for Cafe and Home
    Rhino Coffee Gear Bench Scale – 2kg
    A$49.95 A$46.95
  • Coffee Brewing Scale – 2kg
  • Sale!
    Tiamo Ghost Espresso Scale – HK5020
    A$265.00 A$199.00
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    Rhino Brewing Scale – 3kg
    A$54.95 A$52.90
  • Concept-Art Spoon Scale
  • Sale!
    The Stem - ONA Coffee
    ONA Coffee The Stem
    A$149.95 A$119.95
  • Rhino Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale – 600g
  • Acaia Calibration Weight 500g
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    Acaia Lunar Weighing Plate
    A$59.95 A$49.90
  • Scale Calibration Weight
  • Acaia Lunar Carry Case
    Acaia Lunar Carry Case
  • Acaia Pearl Carry Case
  • Acaia Aerial Mat – Smokey Grey

Premium coffee scales expertly engineered to the second decimal. All our coffee scales are built with pour over brewsters in mind with some models like the Hario & Tiamo featuring built in timers that count down your brew time alongside the weight. But the precision madness doesn’t stop there, with USB connectivity (charging) and Ethernet capabilities as standard for many scales in our range, measuring out the perfect grind just got serious.

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