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Barista quality automatic and manual coffee grinders in a huge selection of colours, sizes and materials. From regal mahogany timber manual grinders to the modern electric precision of our automatic coffee grinders from Baratza and Bodum. We’ve even got Aeropress grinders that fit inside your Aeropress chamber! Perfect for travelling (check out the RhinoWares manual grinder for this, or see the Aeropress bundles). So if you’re looking for the best coffee grinders around you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to leave us a review of your grinder to help your fellow coffee fans and earn yourself a discount!


The best coffee grinders have these features:

  • Burr grinder for a consistent grind
  • Various grind sizes for the perfect brew
  • Manual or electric, both have pros and cons
  • See our Coffee Grinding Guide to find out more about the best coffee grinders

A coffee grinder costs $20 onwards to hundreds of dollars for a top-notch electric coffee grinder with adjustable grind sizes. The cost of a coffee grinder is worth it when you consider the enhanced flavour and benefits of freshly ground coffee in the comfort of your home. With coffee grinders at a range of prices, you can purchase a coffee grinder that suits your budget and coffee brewing needs.

A burr coffee grinder uses a set of rotating burrs to grind coffee beans evenly in a consistent grain size. Coffee aficionados often choose burr grinders over blade grinders because coffee beans are ground evenly and therefore result in enhanced flavour of the coffee brewed.

See our Coffee Grinding Guide to see more about burr coffee grinders.

Manual coffee grinders are a good choice. Both manual coffee grinders and electric coffee grinders have their pros and cons, such as achieving better grinds with a manual coffee grinder than a cheap electric coffee grinder. See our Coffee Grinding Guide for more information on why manual coffee grinders are good.

Burr coffee grinders are better than blade grinders because blade grinders chop coffee beans unevenly, damaging the extraction and flavour of coffee. Burr coffee grinders use rotating burrs to grind coffee in consistent grains, enhancing coffee flavour and creating a better coffee brew than blade grinders.

Read our Coffee Grinding Guide to see more about the difference between a burr coffee grinder and blade grinder and why burr grinders are better.

The best coffee grinder for home use:

  • Is a burr coffee grinder for a consistent grind
  • Has adjustable grind sizes for different brew types
  • Could be a manual coffee grinder or electric coffee grinder
  • See our post on Coffee Grinders to learn more.
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