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Coffee Grinder Burrs

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Coffee grinder burrs are the ones you find inside your grinders. They ground your coffee beans depending on your preference and is an essential tool for the coffee making process. Unlike blades which can also be used to grind the coffee, many people prefer using burrs because they produce a more uniformed size output than blades. Users have more control with the grind and allow for flexibility.

Many wonder when to replace coffee grinder burrs; the ideal time to change burrs is at least once or twice a year. By replacing them, it maintains the freshness of the coffee and taste. If burrs aren’t regularly changed, the coffee starts tasting sour or bitter, among other things. Another sign that you

need to change is when it becomes inconsistent with how much it produces because coffee grounds start clumping inside.

If you don’t change your burr, it may also affect the overall performance of your coffee machine. Coffee grinders may start to clog, and it may dull or break its blades. When this happens, it will be costly because you have to replace two parts. Keep track of the dates when you last changed your burrs, so that you can make a routine of when to replace them.

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