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Espresso enthusiasts rejoice at the exemplary espresso products and accessories we’re ecstatic to offer. With espressos being one of the tastiest caffeine-rich beverages known to man, it’s not hard to see the importance of having the utmost quality when it comes to your espresso machine. We understand that every espresso coffee machine is not made equal and espresso lovers are going to have differing opinions when it comes to their choice machine. Whether you’re looking for an espresso maker that is going to brew the most incredibly delightful cup of espresso to have ever flowed across your tongue or a simple espresso experience that satisfies your basic needs, we’re offering each espresso machine that we know as a favorite within this industry. Understanding the basics as a home barista can mean finding the espresso machine that is going to make your life easier or purchasing an espresso coffee machine that has all of the bells and whistles to tinker and toy with. It all depends on the type of espresso enthusiast you are and we understand this. Knowing how to brew the perfect flavor profile can be as easy as finding the espresso machine that is going to showcase the ease of use, or as difficult as finding the espresso machine boasting various variables to tweak. With the plethora of espresso enthusiasts coming to us for their espresso machines in mind, we’ve gathered the best of the best and placed them within the Espresso class, allowing lovers of the bean to sort through and find the espresso products and accessories that will work best for their preferences.


The difference between regular coffee and espresso is in the method of making espresso coffee. Espresso coffee is made by pressurized hot water being forced through finely-ground coffee while regular coffee is made by filtering hot water slowly through ground coffee.

Espresso is stronger than normal coffee. However, an espresso is not just really strong coffee. You can make strong coffee with a high amount of caffeine by adding more coffee to any brew. An espresso is made with a specific brew method: by forcing pressurized, hot water through ground coffee. Strong coffees are not called espressos.

Here’s how you make an espresso at home:

  1. Use a moka pot or an Aeropress to make espresso coffee at home.
  2. Grind your coffee to fine coffee grounds.
  3. Add your coffee grounds to your coffee maker of choice.
  4. For moka pot, add water up to the fill line and brew your coffee. Listen for a bubbling sound and look for foam appearing when your coffee is done.
  5. For Aeropress, tamp your coffee grounds with an espresso tamper. Pour hot water into your Aeropress, depress the plunger and remove the press.

You can make espresso without an espresso machine. Espresso coffee can be made with a moka pot, an Aeropress or a French press coffee maker. Try each way of making espresso without an espresso machine and see which you enjoy most.

Stovetop espresso is real espresso. Espresso is coffee made by forcing pressurized hot water through espresso coffee grounds. Pressure is built up in the stovetop coffee maker’s chambers and thus help to create a great cup of real stovetop espresso.

See our Moka Pot Brew Guide for all the details on real stovetop espresso.

It is OK to drink espresso everyday. However, the European Food Safety Authority recommends that you do not consume over 5 cups of espresso per day. A double espresso shot has 80mg of caffeine while a cup of regular coffee contains 100mg of caffeine.

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