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Cilio Electric Turkish Coffee Maker


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The Cilio Electric Turkish Coffee Maker is an electric coffee maker with multi-functional use and can not only make rich and velvety Turkish Coffee, but can be used to brew tea and heat milk up with as well.

Turkish coffee is a way of brewing coffee with very finely ground beans and without using a filter throughout the brewing process. Despite this, Tuerkish coffee is drunk straight or enjoyed with some sugar or milk and is superbly rich and full of the wonderful flavours of the beans. A perfect accompaniment after brunches or dinners as an aperitif. 

Brewing and enjoying coffee this way has been used around the Arabian Peninsula and across in Turkey for centuries. Bringing traditional brewing practices together with the craftsmanship from Cilio products produces perfect utility value with an automatic switch on function and a light indicator whilst heating and in use.

*Please note that these products are fitted with an aftermarket plug as the units are imported from overseas. These have been fitted with an aftermarket rewire-able 3 plug pin that complies with Australian standards.

Basic Electric Turkish Coffee Maker Instructions:

  • Fill the Brewer half full of water.
  • Add 20g finely powered coffee
  • Set the brewer on the 360° wireless base and turn on the brewer.
  • In 4-6 minutes, with a gentle stir during, your coffee will be ready.

Cilio Electric Turkish Coffee Maker FEATURES

Stainless steel construction – For durable day to day coffee making.

Multi-functional use – Not only can it make coffee, you can use it for tea, to heat milk or water.

Convenient Grip – Ergonomic long handle design.

User Friendly –  One button to turn on and off, plug in to use, easy to carry.


  • 1 x Cilio Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
  • 1 x Manual


MaterialsStainless Steel, BPA-free Plastic
Power220-240V – 50Hz | 800W
VolumeContent 200 ml
Capacityfor 4 cups of mocha
DimensionsØ 10.5 cm, height 18 cm



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