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ONA Coffee Distributor OCD V3.0

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The ONA Coffee Distribution OCD V3.0 ensures you obtain consistent grind distribution. Ultimately, grind distribution is the least focussed element in espresso extraction. That is, until the development of OCD (ONA Coffee Distributor). With the announcement of V3.0, the depth is readily adjustable to brew with any dose or basket depth and it weighs 100g less!

Considering a majority of World Championship Barista are adopting it, it turns out reducing the variables in espresso extraction is an agreeable measure to aim for. With an easy grip, non-slip design, it provides a solid hold while the brass body adds durability & helps eliminate static electricity, allowing for more even, delicious espresso extractions.

The distributor is designed to move the coffee grounds consistently and evenly with four angled slopes.  This eliminates the inconsistencies of coffee distribution mid service. Consistent distribution of your puck will improve the consistency of your tamping and in effect increase overall quality in the extraction.

ONA Coffee Distributor OCD V3.0 Features

Advanced Static-Reducing Coating — This eliminates any build up of grinds during use.

Set for any Dose you want — Simply loosen off the top half, set depth required and re-tighten. 

Ergonomics & cleanliness— Discover a level of efficiency on the bar whilst saying adios to cracked fingers.  

Exceptional Design Aspect — OCD V3.0 retains four angled slopes that when spun; level and distribute the ground coffee.

No more channelling — Consistency is key here, it removes the inconsistency between baristas distributions.

Removing Inconsistencies — The OCD’s goal. It takes the same time to create a more even & consistent puck, giving more consistent and delicious extractions.

This product includes:

  • ONA Coffee Distributor OCD V3.0
  • Maintenance & How-to-use Guide

The Specifics

Diameter58.5mm (fits ims & vst baskets)
MaterialsAnodized Aluminium & Stainless steel
Approximate Weight290g
Dimensions (mm)(h) 58 (w) 90 (d) 90

Available Styles: 

  • Black, Titanium & Silver

Recommended Additions

Check out the OCD V3 with Josh from Alternative Brewing in the Overview video below!



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