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AeroPress Filter Basket, Rubber Seal, Scoop, Paddle (Sold Separately)


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All parts below are Aeropress Spare Parts.

These are compatible spares with the Aeropress Coffee Maker and Aeropress Go.

Aeropress Replacement Filter Cap

This Aeropress Filter Basket replacement will fit tightly onto any model Aeropress and is made with BPA-Free plastic.

Aeropress Rubber Seal

If your Aeropress replacement seal begins to wear down, replace seal with a brand new Rubber Seal. It’s made with BPA-Free plastic and will fit as perfectly as the original did out of the box.

Bean Scoop

Use just the right amount of coffee with a replacement Scoop. Made with BPA-Free plastic, it’ll consistently measure about 17g of coffee.

Stir Paddle

This replacement Paddle is made with BPA-Free plastic and will give you back the power to agitate and stir your coffee while it brews.

*Price is per part – Compatible with the the AeroPress and AeroPress Go, used as spares or to upgrade your Aeropress with newer parts.


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