The Best Portable Coffee Gadgets for Your Next Adventure-Alternative Brewing

If you’re a traveler, a digital nomad, a naturist, or just a coffee lover, a portable coffee machine could change your life. Portable coffee makers could help you save hundreds of dollars while you’re on the go, they’re the perfect option if you need your morning coffee no matter where in the world you are. There are many different brands of portable coffee machines, finding the best one could be challenging for nomadic coffee lovers. Whether you’re on a long flight, camping in the wilderness, or hitting the road for a long drive with the friends, this list will help you choose the perfect travel coffee maker for your nomad needs.

  1. Bellman Espresso & Steamer
best portable coffee maker, Bellman Espresso and steamer

Delicious freshly steamed espresso should always be accessible. With the Bellman Espresso & Steamer CX 25P, the perfect espresso will always be just a few seconds away. The Bellman Steamer makes the perfect steamed milk and coffee drink in just a matter of minutes, and you can take it anywhere with you. Advance your travel espresso experience with a brewer that can compete with your stove top and your favorite coffee shop. The Bellman espresso steamer can brew between three to ning cups, perfect for a group trip. If you’re looking for an easily portable, and easy to use portable coffee maker device, the Bellman Espresso & Steamer may be the perfect option for you. Just add water, add the coffee, let it brew, and enjoy a creamy cafe-worthy experience from anywhere you are.

  1. Minipresso NS Portable Coffee Machine
best portable coffee maker, Minipresso NS

If you like Nespresso Capsules, you’ll love the Minipresso NS Portable Coffee Machine. The Minipresso is on our list of top choices for nomadic coffee lovers, it’s easy to carry and clean. The Minipresso is small and compact, it will easily fit in your backpack or your carry on luggage with no problem. The speedy brewing process allows you to brew on the go. This portable coffee machine is compatible with Nespresso Capsules. Pop in a Nespresso pod and sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of hot steaming coffee. With 8 bars of pressure, the Minipresso NS Portable Coffee Machine is created to produce the same amount of pressure as your home coffee machine or the commercial machines at your favorite cafe.

  1.  Comandante C40 (MK3) Nitro Blade Grinder
best portable coffee maker, Comandante C40

If you’re particular about your coffee grinds, the Comandante Nitro Blade Grinder is the portable coffee maker for you. Made with 100% Oakwood and designed with a sturdy exterior, for durability during your travels, the Comandante is perfectly designed for nomadic coffee lovers. As a result of meticulous architecture from German designers, the Comandante is reliable and built for longevity. It’s easy to use and designed to create and store the perfect coffee grinds. Made with double axel technology, the Comandante is especially useful for travelers who like to try different grinds, its lightweight, weighing only 26 0z, perfect to store in your luggage, it’s made with BPA free plastic, stainless steel, and all natural wood.

  1.  JetBoil Flash Java Coffee Kit Hiking Stove
BEST PORTABLE COFFEE MAKER, Jetboil coffe kit hiking stove

Calling all nature enthusiasts! If you love to hike, camp, and take on mother nature, the JetBoil Flash Java Coffee Kit Hiking Stove may be the answer to your nomadic coffee lover dreams. Easily brew your best coffee outdoor with no problems using the full Jetboil kit. If you’re going on a long hike, easily store the coffee kit in your hiking backpack, pull it out, and enjoy your delightful coffee in just three easy steps. The brewing cooking cup doubles as a coffee mug with a portable lid. The kit comes with a  plezo igniter + burner, a 1L fluxRing cup + Lid, a coffee filter, an Insulated cup cozy, a fuel can stabilizer and a measuring cup. The Jetboil Flash Java Coffee Kit Hiking Stove will leave you fully equipped to make your favorite coffee blends from your backyard to the camping grounds. Get fancy and brew delicious french press coffee on a powerful stainless steel burner.

  1.  STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup
best portable coffee maker, Sttoke reusable cup

Never worry about traveling with a mug again! The Sttoke Ceramic Reusable Cup is the ideal tool for travel espresso lovers. Built for the nomadic coffee maker, the Sttoke Cup will prevent spillage, keep your drink steaming hot, and ultimately create a premium coffee experience. Made with the durable Greblon® Ceramic, you’ll never have to worry about a broken mug or a difficult cleaning process. Designed for the traveling coffee lover’s lifestyle, the Sttoke Ceramic Reusable Cup is the perfect coffee holder solution. The minimalist design and the shatterproof ceramic build makes the cup easy on the eye and on your luggage. Keep your hot drink hot for over 3 hours and maintain the cool on your cold brew for about 6 hours. Feel confident and reassured with a spill-proof lid which fully seals all opportunities for leakage. At just 227ml capacity, you can easily store your Sttoke cup anywhere. Designed with a timeless and minimalist look, this cup is perfect for nomadic coffee lovers.

We hope this roundup has inspired you to level up your camping coffee game! Making great coffee when on the go or on an adventure in the great outdoors doesnt need to be difficult, pack right, pack light and enjoy a freshly brewed espresso anywhere!

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