Bruer Cold Brew Guide-Alternative Brewing

The Bruer Cold Brew system was founded by Gabe Herz and Andy Clark, to them brewing coffee is not just about the end product,  it’s about the ritual behind it.
Every step is an intimate action that leads up to that first sip and the resulting satisfaction that comes from knowing that cup of coffee is your artistic creation.

With this in mind and the first sip nearing our lips the Team at AB is here to help with a brewing guide for the Bruer Cold Brew Maker!

Measuring the CoffeeMeasuring Coffee Cold Bruer

Measure out 60 grams of coffee


AB Recommends:

  • A Medium Grind similar to a V60 or Chemex
  • Fresh Medium Roasted Filter Beans, origin of choice



Assembling the Filter.

When assembling the filter make sure
the finer side of the mesh is facing up.
Pop the glass tower into the filter.




Add the coffee to the Tower.

Pour the measured ground coffee into
the tower, brush any loose grounds
down into the chamber so none dilute the water.

Shake the Tower to level out the
coffee bed to ensure even exposure during brewing.

Drop in a paper Filter. 



Carefully place the Tower into the Carafe.

Drop a Paper Filter on top of the coffee bed.

All AeroPress Filters Fit the Bruer - Here




Pre-wet the coffee.

Pre-wet the coffee with about 60 Ml
of water to evenly soak the


Insert the Valve. 


Carefully push the plug down into the
tower. Wet the lip of the seal to help it
slide in easily and to ensure it seals completely.



Measure out the water.

Measure out 700ml of an ice
and water mixture (about half water
and half ice).
Pour the mixture into the tower.


Set the drip rate. 


When the Laser Etched Line on the Stainless Steel Valve Tube lines up with the slot in the silicone, the Valve will be fully open.

Turn the Knob clockwise to slow down the drip rate.

We recommend setting the drip rate to one drip per second which will fall somewhere in the "target range."

Now Enjoy Crisp Cold Brew from your Bruer!

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See the Bruer in Action Below:

Cold Bruer Demonstration from Bruer on Vimeo.

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