How To Clean The Lume Coffee Grinder-Alternative Brewing

Giving your Lume Coffee Grinder a deep cleaning every couple of months doesn’t just keep it looking brand new, it also has positive effects on your brewed coffee. Over time, coffee oils and micro-grounds can build up inside grinders—and they tend to harm your brew’s flavor as they get older. A deep cleaning eliminates that risk and keeps your grinder functioning good as new.


To start the cleaning, lock the upper portion of the grinder, then begin disassembling. We suggest doing this part over a clean white cloth, which will make it easy to keep track of each grinder part.

  • Remove the ground cup
  • Turn the grind adjuster counterclockwise until the burrs detach
  • Remove the spring
  • Remove the first flush
  • Unlock and remove the upper portion
  • Take out the metal shaft
  • Remove the second flush


Carefully run warm water over each of the parts, using your fingers to dislodge any coffee grounds or oils attached to the surfaces of the parts.

If there are any particularly stubborn areas of coffee oils (attached to the burrs, most likely), get a small amount of soapy water on a Q-tip and gently rub off any problem areas. Make sure to rinse the burrs well with clean water.

Let each part thoroughly air dry or use a clean rag to wipe everything down.


Put all the pieces back together, lock the upper portion of the grinder in place, and reset your preferred grind size. Now, your grinder will look and function as if it’s just out of the original packaging.

LUME Grinder - How to deep clean from LUME Design on Vimeo.

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