Industry Review: Trinity One-Alternative Brewing

Danny Andrade, of Extraction Artisan Coffee, recently shared his thoughts on using Trinity ONE on their brew bar in their busy Logan café in Queensland, Australia.

Watch Danny’s interview below:

Trinity ONE has now been on the scene for around 6 months and we were interested to find out what our customers and the specialty coffee industry have been saying so far. The response? Overwhelmingly positive.

The form and quality of materials have always been a stand out. With the inclusion of 304 Stainless Steel and American Walnut Timber, the Trinity ONE certainly draws attention and is a conversation starter.

However, it’s what people are saying about the function and taste of the brewing results which are the most interesting and exciting.

Consistency is key, and this notion is frequently shared in feedback received so far. The weighted cylinder press makes it simple to get consistent results when compared to conventional pour over techniques, since the variability and precision requirements associated with manually pouring and pressing is taken out of the equation.

The automatic press feature frees up staff in the café making the brew process less labour intensive and more feasible to offer customers, while at the same time it also gives cafes the confidence that their recipe will be more consistent and repeatable.

The non-bypass filter produces a distinctively clean result that is much more likened to a pour over filter method than a conventional press method.

It is also captivating to watch!

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