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NanoPresso - Portable Espresso Improved

The last decade has been great for portable espresso lovers. New technology has made espresso more travel-friendly and less hassle than ever - and it’s only getting better. In 2014 Wacaco release the MiniPresso, and we didn’t think portable espresso could get any better. However, the envelope has been pushed once again with the release of their new product: the NanoPresso.

Wacaco could have let the MiniPresso define the company's legacy, but it didn’t want to settle for great. It’s shooting for excellent.

The NanoPresso, upon first glance, looks a lot like the company’s MiniPresso. Sure, you could consider it a highly improved version of the MiniPresso, but we feel like it deserves to be considered a device of its own. 95% of the manufactured parts are new, after all.

Let’s take a good look at how the NanoPresso exceeds the standards set by the MiniPresso and why we’re so excited about this brewer. We think, once you’ve seen the innovation captured in this brewer, you’ll love it too.

Shorter And Lighter Than Ever Before

If “shorter and lighter” sounds like “sacrificing durability to yield a greater profit”, we understand. Unfortunately, that’s how many businesses try to trick us into repurchasing items.

However, Wacaco has always been a quality-forward company. It’s clear in their design that they’re not itching to cut a few cents off their cost here and there. They aim to create a product they’re proud of.

In fact, the NanoPresso weighs 26 grams less than the MiniPresso, despite using a more durable and heavier material. How they accomplished that, we don’t know, but the device simply feels stronger while being less heavy.

Wacaco also managed to shave off 2 cm from the total height of the NanoPresso, making it easier to fit into the smallest of bags.

  NanoPresso MiniPresso
Height 15.5 cm 17.5 cm
Weight 336 g 360 g

The MiniPresso was the standard-setter in 2014 for small and light espresso makers, but the NanoPresso has taken the top spot on the leaderboard.


One of the only frustrations with the MiniPresso was how the device was cleaned. Though it wasn’t hard, it didn’t seem as convenient as it could be - especially for as small as the device was.

Wacaco listened: the NanoPresso is much easier to clean.

The brewing head has been completely redesigned to make disassembling and cleaning each part much simpler. The main body inner surface, where you attach the portafilter, has also been redesigned with fewer grooves and crannies. This keep grounds from getting stuck (which could be so frustrating in the MiniPresso).

Water Reservoir And Portafilter Size

Somehow, even with making the NanoPresso smaller, Wacaco managed to increase the water reservoir size to 80 ml. They’re also in the process of creating a portafilter adapter that will increase the amount of ground coffee you can use from 8 grams to 16.

While the original MiniPresso was limited to single shots, the NanoPresso will soon be capable of pulling true double shots - and the brewer is smaller!

  NanoPresso MiniPresso
Water Reservoir 80 ml 70 ml
Portafilter Size 8 g (16 g with attachment) 8 g

18 Bars Of Pressure

Wacaco’s newly patented pump system allows you to achieve an astounding 18 bars of pressure (261 psi) to brew your espresso. Modern commercial espresso machines only need 8-10 bars to pull true espresso shots, so you’re not short of needed pressure. The seals have been improved to hold that level of pressure for a more consistent shot.

Not only does the NanoPresso reach 18 bars of pressure, but it does so with less force required than the MiniPresso. Wacaco’s research indicates that it takes 15% less energy.

Let’s talk practically. To achieve the max of 16 bars with the MiniPresso, it would take 13.6 kg of force via the pumping knob. To achieve the max of 18 bars with the NanoPresso, it takes only 11.6 kg. This 2 kg difference is quite noticeable and saves some energy for your fingers.

A release valve will open if you somehow generate more than 18 bars of pressure, keeping you safe.

  NanoPresso MiniPresso
Max Pressure 18 bars (261 psi) 16 bars (232 psi)
Force Required 11.6 kg 13.6 kg

Getting The Best From Your NanoPresso

While the NanoPresso can work with pre-ground coffee (thanks to that high 18 bars of pressure), it really thrives when you can grind your beans right before brewing. This preserves the best flavors of the coffee until you’re ready to use them and allows you to “dial in” your grind size to work perfectly with the brewer.

We suggest aiming to grind your coffee so that it comes as close as possible to 18 bars of pressure without activating the release valve. From there, adjust by taste.

Brewing A Single Shot

Grind 8 grams of coffee beans at a very fine setting, pour into the portafilter, and tamp hard. Fill the reservoir with hot water and assemble the whole device. Hold it over the included cup.

Begin pressing the pumping knob continually. Keep pressing until the included cup is full. You now have a rich, balanced single shot of espresso.

Brewing A Double Shot

Grind 16 grams of coffee beans at a very fine setting, pour into the extended portafilter (accessories sold separately), and tamp hard. Fill the reservoir with hot water and assemble the whole device. Hold it over the larger cup.

Begin pressing the pumping knob continually. Keep pressing until the larger cup is full. You now have a rich, balanced double shot of espresso.

Brewing With Cold Water

Believe it or not, you can actually pull a cold water shot. Use the instructions from above with cold water and you’ll have a shot of espresso that moreso resembles cold brew concentrate. It may not exactly be a hot shot of espresso, but it opens the door to some creative iced drinks.

The Wacaco NanoPresso isn’t a gimmick or marketing over promise - it’s the real deal. This portable espresso maker is small, light, easy to clean, and very powerful.

Take it on your next mountaintop trek, your next valley camping trip, or just across town. No matter where you take it, you’ll love it.

Check out the Wacaco NanoPresso

Nanopresso-Web intro-2017 from Wacaco Company Limited on Vimeo.

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