Shipping Lengths for Great Coffee!-Alternative Brewing

We are always trying to provide a great experience and deliver exceptional products in the fastest means possible, while sometimes speed isn't possible, the story of the packages journey makes up for this. We are passing on Liz's story, a Customer living in the Pacific and how her parcel went from Brisbane, Australia to her. This is her email & the journey of a coffee maker all for $9.95 Flat rate shipping:

Hello Team,

Received my order from you all this afternoon! All perfect as ordered back in mid July. Truly lovely and raced out to get fresh beans at shop to grind for the HERO Aero press I'm using this year. So missing my espresso machine but too heavy to ship here.

Your parcel has traveled the Pacific to get here. Whilst originally on a different vessel which broke down, was delayed by bad weather, oh and sent away as the wrong crane on board ship for off shore unloading, was unloaded from that ship in NZ and sent on the Norfolk Guardian a couple of weeks ago.

Weather and sea conditions affect the opportunities to unload so this ship had a wait off shore. Finally unloaded in last few days and at post office this afternoon.
Thought for fun I would send you a snap of how the regular parcels are unloaded. They are not sent by air. Even some express post occasionally land by mistake in the regular parcel post. First parcel I received from your company was back early in the year and took a week. It must have come as air freight.

Taking my new treasure to school to show my Hospitality class. We are just finishing our Prepare and serve espresso coffee unit.

Super happy about receiving the mail from you,
Kind wishes,


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