subminimal nanofoamer guide

Wondering about the latest in milk frother technology? Today, we get to check out the NanoFoamer milk frother from Subminimal. This is a handheld milk frother that incorporates some much-welcomed improvements to the design of a handheld frother, that really lifts the quality of the foamed milk you're able to create. The NanoFoamer was designed with the aim to have the frothed milk comparable in the quality and the time that it took to create it too, if you've ever actually used a steam wand from a home espresso machine.

espresso nanofoamer milk frother

So, it will work on all types of milk, which you'll see in just a bit, but it won't heat your milk up like some other milk frothers. Luckily, Subminimal does have a great lineup of products that really do go hand in hand with the NanoFoamer for what I would happily say, is a great little package for simple and effective milk frothing, whether you're at home or traveling to conveniently enjoy a great, textured, flat white, cappuccino, latte, or any other coffee beverage hot or cold. So definitely check out all of Subminimal's products. With that said, let's dive in now and check out the NanoFoamer Milk Frother.

Check out our video review of the Subminimal NanoFoamer:

About The Subminimal NanoFoamer Milk Frother

As accessories to the NanoFoamer, you get 2 clip-on Nano Screens that attach to the impeller at the tip and depending on if you use one, two or none, you'll be able to achieve 3 very distinct levels of froth. Quite easily achieved when it comes to fine, superfine, or dry froth. It's good to experiment with it and see what you find most enjoyable to drink. But you could also simplify things and say that they make a flat white, latte, and a cappuccino style of froth.

nano screens nanofoamer

What I particularly enjoy about the NanoFoamer is the heavy-duty feel, with a solid impeller and a robust driveshaft that's very reliable and won't bend at all through use. When not in use, it's either protected by its own carry case which is great for traveling with, and it also comes with a stick-on wall mount for hanging up in the kitchen or your caravan. Now, it takes 2 AA batteries that are super easy to change out and work for me for more than a month of frothing.

nanofoamer impeller

To begin using the NanoFoamer, you want to have your milk ready in the jug at the correct temperature. So whether you've used the microwave or a stove to heat it up, it should be around 60°C. That's going to get you the best results for frothing and getting that silky milk texture. Having a thermometer on hand can help get those consistent results.

60°C milk

How To Use The Subminimal NanoFoamer Milk Frother

  1. To start off with, you want to place the NanoFoamer just off of vertical and centered in the jug. Position the impeller right below the surface of the milk.
    positioning nanofoamer
  2. Once there, press and hold the button on the front of the NanoFoamer for about 2-10 seconds to initially add a good amount of air, which in turn adds that extra volume to the milk.
    using nanofoamer
  3. Keep it here until you get that depth of froth that you prefer.
  4. Next, you'll notice this depth from the milk volume rising up the side of the jug.
  5. Once you have this depth, move the NanoFoamer directly to one side of the jug and then lower it down further so that the impeller is no longer visible in the milk.
    move nanofoamer to jug side
  6. Hold it here until the majority of the bubbles on the surface have been wrapped in and incorporated into the body of the milk, which should take around twenty seconds or so.
  7. It's the high speed of the impeller using the fine mesh of the NanoScreen that creates that vortex swirl that breaks up the large bubbles into smaller and smaller bubbles.
  8. So at the end of the day, that texture and the consistency of the milk becomes one which should resemble wet paint as opposed to an old-school milkshake.
  9. Once you do feel like you've got that texture just right, it’s important to give the milk one final swirl in the jug before you pour.
  10. Pour as soon as possible, to avoid the milk from cooling down too much and then splitting apart.
    pour milk into coffee

When the final product is placed side by side with a coffee made from an actual espresso machine with milk frother, it really could be anyone's guess as to which is which. When it comes to the alternative milks like oat and soy milk, there's been no issue with using either with daily use. And in my experience, this will also remain true for any other alternative milks as well.

machine vs nanofoamer milk texture

Cleaning The Subminimal NanoFoamer

When it comes to cleaning, the NanoFoamer is super quick, thanks to the fact that it is designed to be waterproof. A quick rinse in some water or under the tap will remove any milk from building up on the impeller or around the shaft. Then dry it and hang it up for next time.

cleaning nanofoamer

That's the NanoFoamer Milk Frother from Subminimal for you. Now, this paired with an espresso-like brewer, such as a manual lever espresso maker, a stovetop moka pot, or even an AeroPress, is going to make some incredible coffees. It's almost worthwhile not buying an espresso machine for it.

If you get the temperature of your milk right, and with a little practice of consistent texturing with the NanoFoamer, even latte art is also absolutely possible, though I wouldn't necessarily say that’s the biggest draw or benefit from the NanoFoamer.

A Travel and Budget-Friendly Milk Frother

travel budget nanofoamer milk frother

But as a travel and budget-friendly milk frother, it certainly does a way more effective job at frothing milk as compared to, say a French press style of milk frothing. Along with its improved design as a stick frother, I'm going to be adding this to my regular lineup.

So if you have any questions on the NanoFoamer, talk to us at Alternative Brewing and we'll get straight back to you. Get the Subminimal NanoFoamer and other Subminimal coffee gear right here at Alternative Brewing – we ship Australia-wide!