Why You Should Use Scales When Brewing Coffee-Alternative Brewing

Whether you have been a coffee connoisseur for decades or you decided yesterday that coffee is now enjoyable to you, there is a special joy that comes with a beautiful cup of coffee that is just right. The consistency of flavor, smooth texture, and rich aroma all play precious roles in this delectable morning habit. This much precision is an art and takes time and patience and sometimes years to learn the exact ratios for the way you like to treat yourself, like using a scale when brewing coffee. What if I told you there is an easy way to come to that point without professional training in the finest coffee brewing company? By adding a scale to your coffee brewing tools you are moving in the direction of, not only professionalism but also removing levels of stress that come with ruining this beverage of comfort with inconsistent ratios.

Are you a person who is fine with eyeballing your morning brew or does it frustrate you to have such inconsistency in what should be a pleasant way of kicking your day off to a good start? If you are in the category of the latter, you are reading the right article. As you tablespoon the beans or grounds into the drip coffee machine or French press it will bring a different flavor, texture, and aroma with each brew.

It may seem a bit excessive to add another device to the process of preparing your coffee. However, in time using a scale will prove worth it when you see that you now have the luxury of creating the perfect, professional-level brew every single morning. Once these ratios are perfected, serving your guests with the best cup of coffee becomes a synch since the amount can simply be precisely multiplied.

When you allocate specific amounts to the water-to-coffee ratio it will greatly adjust the flavor and quality of your coffee. Even the slightest variable will transform a cup of coffee from being average to magnificent. A typical ratio for coffee-to-water is 1:18 with coffee being the smaller portion. A much stronger combination would be 1:13, and a suggested in between is 1:16. It is not only helpful to measure the coffee itself, but also the water. By measuring the water after it has boiled will give you a much more precise result. This mainly pertains to those who own a manually pouring drip apparatus. A couple recommendations for measurement solutions are 280g of water to 20g of coffee for a strong brew, or for a softer flavor just add 16g of coffee to the same amount of water. Another suggested combination is 15g of coffee grounds mixed with 240g of water. Playing around with these combinations and your own experimental versions will lead you beautifully through the journey of creating your perfect cup of coffee. Recording your desired set measurements in a visible location near your coffee brewing materials would be another way of simplifying the entire experience of your morning coffee routine.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Scales For You

There are a variety of scales available to fit all preferences and budgets. Most kitchen scales are also traveling size, so you have the opportunity to bring your newly-learned professional-level coffee wherever you explore worldwide. Aspects to consider when looking for the fit that is just right for your kitchen are the rate of response, price-to-quality ratio, the range of weight that the scale provides, the power source and if you and your kitchen can accommodate it, and the manner in which it takes water spills. Ideally, your scale should have a weighing range of at least half a gram up to 2 Kilos. Pay attention to this detail when you begin your scale search, for this feature varies with every scale.

Three choice scales include the Coffee Gear Dosing Scale, the Brewista Ratio Scale, and a specialty scale for espresso is the Tiamo Ghost Espresso Scale.

First, the practicality of the Coffee Gear Dosing Scale brings simplicity to another level. Its light, compact, easy-cleaning and durable design is perfect for travelers. The precision of this scale details down to 0.1g in and up to 500g measurement. Grams, ounces, grains, and carats are all compatible units with the Coffee Gear Dosing Scale.

Second, the Brewista Ratio scale is top of its class when it comes to accurate calculations. This scale also measures to 0.1g, however, is designed with extreme uniqueness in that the ratio of water to coffee is instantly calculated once either amount is measured on the scale. Its high-tech capabilities give your coffee making experience the expertise you have always been hoping for.

Finally, the Tiamo Ghost Espresso Scale displays beauty amidst its expertise. This scale contains five featured modes, a water-resistant design and is specially sized to fit directly under your personal espresso machine. These are just a taste of what you can find to enhance your personalized brewing experience.

acaia pearl weighing scale

A brand of scale in a class of its own is the Acaia scales. Featured here are the Acaia Pearl, Acaia Lunar and the Acaia Orion scale systems. These are all the highest quality of professionalism in the arena of kitchen scales and one of the most beautiful designs in the world. Shared aspects of their physiognomy include 20 millisecond response time, a measuring range of a tenth of a gram up to two kilograms, and a Bluetooth accessible app useable via Android and IOS. With this app, you can collect specified brewing information and it will offer insight into recipes and the habits of your process. This app can be viewed and shared, so your coffee discoveries may eventually be spread to the corners of the world. The Pearl comes in black and white, it also contains a stopwatch built in. This scale is charged by a USB cable that will last for weeks thanks to the auto-shutoff feature which will save energy over time. This specialty feature kicks in as soon as the brewing process has ceased. The shut-off time can be adjusted in the system of the built-in app. The Lunar model also contains the option for weighing in ounces. This scale is charged by a rechargeable battery. The breakthrough design is water resistant and is small enough to fit into any espresso machine’s drip try for simultaneous brewing and measuring. The Orion is designed with an attachment for dosing beans and then weighing them. The delivery time is 225g in 12 seconds or 20g in 3 seconds. This is professional grade measurement, speed, and accuracy. Special additions that come with this scale are a 3g and a 400g hopper.

Now that you have stepped up to the next level of awareness of professionally brewed coffee, it is time to put these lessons into practice. There really is nothing like a fabulous cup of coffee, and now this can be a daily enjoyment for you and your family. Life is beautiful and bold. Your coffee can be a reflection of life if you are ready to take on the challenge of beginning this journey of brewed refinement.

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