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For those in favor of French press coffee, we’ve crafted a compilation of next level French presses and related accessories that will bring your experience to the next level. The luxurious tastes and smells a French press coffee maker can bring into a home or office are tantalizing. For coffee enthusiasts found at all corners of the globe, these devices will make a world of difference with the cups they brew. Knowing what a French press is and how to use one is not necessary when it comes to finding the utmost quality for brewing coffee in this manner. Some people need the assistance when it comes to this brewing method however, and fortunately learning the basics is as simple as looking online and watching a video. With an understanding of how to interpret reviews and instructions, it’s now easier than ever to find the right coffee press, buy it, add hot water and freshly ground coffee, and make the brews happen. For those that do not know the difference between a quality French press and one that isn’t going to provide you with the satisfying cup of coffee you’re looking for, all of the products we offer have a review section that will give you a better idea. Knowing the world of plunger coffee brewing does not have to be a complicated experience. Within this category, you’ll find French press coffee maker products and accessories that will add to your experience brewing your own cups. With our products to guide you, making your coffee press purchase is a pleasurable experience you’ll want to have.


French press coffee may be bad for you as it raises your cholesterol levels. A French press does not filter out cafestol, a substance that causes your “bad” cholesterol levels to rise. However, French press coffee is not always bad for you as it contains the compound methylpyridinium which helps lower your cancer risk.

French press coffee tastes better because the coffee is steeped in coffee grounds, creating a better flavour and intensity. Coffee from a French press is also better for health because more nutrients and antioxidants are present in unfiltered French press coffee. No need to use paper filters either, the mesh filter does the job just as well – so it’s better for the environment too.

Here’s how you make French press coffee:

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of coffee straight from your coffee grinder for every 200ml of water.
  2. Pour hot water into your French press.
  3. Replace and press the plunger.
  4. Allow coffee to brew in the boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Plunge the coffee gently.
  6. Pour out your coffee and enjoy!

Read our French Press Brew Guide for more advice.

Here’s how many scoops of coffee you’ll need to put in a 3-cup, 8-cup and 12-cup French press:

French Press Standard SizeHow Many Scoops Of Coffee To Put In A French Press (tbsp/grams)Amount Of Water To Make one French Press Coffee (oz/ml)French Press Coffee Yield (8 oz. cups)
3-cup French Press2-3 tbsp (32g)8oz/237ml1 cup
8-cup French Press6-8 tbsp (108g)24oz/710ml3 cup
12-cup French Press13-15 tbsp (234g)40oz/1182ml5 cup

Benefits of using a French press:

Characteristics of French PressBenefits of French Press
French press allows raw coffee grounds and leaves to be in contact with waterAllows more beneficial antioxidants and nutrients to be captured in your coffee
Unfiltered coffeeSuperior and more intense coffee flavour
Requires less coffee grounds to brew your coffeeSaves you money
Does not require a bleached coffee paper filterBenefits the environment and does not expose you to unknown health consequences

Yes, you can use regular coffee in a French press. Any type of coffee can be brewed in a French press. However, you will get best results with freshly ground coffee in your measuring cup. Try both regular coffee and home-ground coffee beans and taste the difference once brewed with hot water in your French press.

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