Best Reusable Coffee Cups [Brand Guide]

If you’re not already using reusable coffee cups, then now is the time to start! A keep cup will not only keep your coffee warm for longer on the move. You can help prevent waste caused by the traditional takeaway cups. Our comprehensive range of reusable coffee cups mean you have an array of different coffee cups to choose from. 

Whether you need everyday cups reusable for your commute, or you’re after a travel coffee mug for longer-range journeys with the family, our range of reusable coffee cups will help you pick the best reusable coffee mug cum thermos on the market. Baristas will be congratulating you as you proudly refuse the disposable coffee cup and present the stunning custom receptacle that is your environmentally friendly coffee cup.  


Huskee Cup with Lid

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Meet HuskeeCup. A coffee cup as sophisticated as it is sustainable. Huskee Cups are all types of awesome! Made from coffee husk (which is a mind-bending full circle achievement from the engineering folk), the Huskee cup offers a strong, reusable cup with a handy lid and saucers to complete your set whether at home or on-the-go. Huskee’s cups not only keep your coffee warm for much longer: they’re made from a natural waste material from the coffee making process, meaning they are 100% sustainable. By purchasing HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee. Pretty clever huh? And their unique thermal properties will also keep your coffee hotter, for longer. With the lid, they can act like a thermos mug, but are not easily broken like some (but not all we might add!) coffee glasses can be. 

Designed to be comfortable to hold, Huskee’s Cup are slim and grip-able. The fins are not just there to look good - they also protect your hands from the heat of your drink, an advantage over another reusable cup. Durable and dishwasher friendly, the Huskee Cup is designed to last for years, even in a cafe environment. It’s durable and it doesn’t chip or crack easily. 

Loved by coffee shops across Australia, even mother nature is a fan of these eco wonders. The universal lid and saucer fit all models, not just saving money but also precious energy in production. So if you’re looking for a reusable cup that really doubles down on it’s environmentally friendly properties, Huskie’s reusable cup could well be the choice for you.

Keep Cup

KeepCup reusable coffee cups are helping to reduce landfill one disposable coffee cup at a time! Many so called recyclable coffee cups cannot be recycled in reality, as they are lined with plastic (polyethylene), compromising the paper recycling process. The plastic also takes on average 50 years to break down. Which is exactly why they invented the Keep Cup, a glass reusable coffee cup.

Keep Cup with Lid

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Keep cups do exactly what they say on the, ahem, tin … twice! It’s a reusable cup to keep, but they’re also pretty awesome at keeping your cup of coffee warm. That’s why they’re one of the best and best known ethical coffee cup makers, and why you’ll see keep cups australia wide. For those who want to stop using paper cups, the glass keep cup has for a long time been the way to go. The custom designed keep cup glass is super durable, making these travel coffee mugs one of the best known on the market today.

Keep cups glass mugs are of course available in the more traditional cork edition, but their range with silicone grip has something for everyone. For sci-fi geeks, their Star Wars branded keep cups are quite literally unrivalled on the market! If you’re looking to get in on this act and get a keep cup australia wide shipping is available. For an eco friendly glass cup that is affordable, stylish, and even caters to the inner geek in you, look no further than the mighty keep cup. 


Fellow Mug

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From humble origins on Kickstarter, Fellow have kicked on to become one of the best known coffee brands about, and the maker of one of the most innovative coffee mugs Australia has on the market. Their ceramic reusable coffee cup will lock your brew at whatever temperature you require. They’re unique vacuum system ensures no heat escapes, and keeps cold brews nice and icy when you’re out on the move. They’re attention to detail is second to none: a wide 69mm wide rim allows you to sense the temperature of the brew prior to drinking it, meaning no more burnt lips. So not just a great eco cup, which negates the need for takeaway coffee cups and so called recyclable coffee cups. The large opening even allows you to brew your coffee right into the mug. 

When purchasing a reusable coffee cup australia presents unique problems due to the heat: but the vacuum system is just as capable at keeping you cold brew cold, meaning it’s perfect for summer weather as a water bottle. This is a travel coffee cup that is designed to cover long distances and keep your coffee just how you need it, whatever the weather. So if you’re looking for a travel cup which is stylish and designed with your needs and Mother Nature in mind, look no further than Fellows Carter Vacuum Mug.


Hario, as you may well know, are a major player in the coffee market, and so it’s no surprise that they also produce some of the best stainless steel reusable cups around. So you can kiss goodbye to paper cups!

Hario Mug

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Hario in Japanese literally means ‘King of Glass’, since 1921 Hario have been committed to the design, production and sale of heatproof glass in Japan. They’ve now applied this same know-how to the stainless steel coffee cup. They’ve made this coffee cup reusable, 100%, but that’s not all: it’s one of the best around at trapping heat. A ‘green cup’ that helps you to avoid the dreaded takeaway coffee cup, it’s also stylish, ergonomic and super easy to clean.

Their stainless steel cups are perfect on the go and the best travel mug for those who need something extra robust. Unlike some glass coffee mugs, these are basically indestructible, so perfect for getting out into the wild. Their insulated coffee cup traps heat and cold, making this reusable coffee cup australia proof! And if you’re not into small coffee cups, fear not as these have plenty of capacity for those longer journeys. If you’re looking for an ecoffee cup that’s tough, stylish and from a name you can trust, check out our Hario range. 

Frank Green

Even though they only started back in 2013, Frank Green have quickly grown into one of Australia’s most loved reusable cup and bottle brands. The Frank Green company was founded in Melbourne, one of the world’s coffee capitals, by caffeine enthusiast and passionate environmentalist Benjamin Young.  

Frank Green Ceramic Cup

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Let’s be frank: single-use coffee cups, water bottles and plastic food packaging are terrible for the environment. As huge supporters of the environmentally friendly movement and passionate about great design, the team sat down to create something that met both needs, which is how the Frank Green cup began.

The Frank Green coffee cup is designed to totally ergonomic and easy to hold, and cool to the touch of course. With ceramic inner layer for heat retention, and the classic frank green stainless steel outer, this combination makes for the ultimate reusable cup. The Frank Green cup has it all. They’re also recyclable at end of life, and in no time at all you’ll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your Frank Green cup. That’s why we’re proud to join the long list of Frank Green stockists, with great prices and delivery options on a wide range of Frank Green cups. So check out the full range today to find the perfect cup for you and see the different types of coffee cups available. Add a reusable cup to your shopping cart today and do your part to save Mother Nature!

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