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Since its inception in 2014, Frank Green has gone on to become synonymous with reusable coffee cups and water bottles. The Frank Green reusable cup has quickly become one of Australia’s favourites, and their growth over the last 6 years is phenomenal. Maybe that’s not surprising when you consider that the percentage of Australians using reusable cups over that period has risen from 1% to 6-7%.

But with so many reusable cup brands on the market, why are these guys’ plastic and stainless steel cups preferred by so many? Many a Frank Green review will attest to their excellent performance and design. But that’s not all. The Frank Green cup is also 100% sustainable, made from locally sourced materials, and represents the best of Australian design and manufacturing. Below we’ll tell you what’s so great about them, and how they came to be.

Is Frank Green Australian?

frank green ceramic cup

Frank Green's ceramic reusable cups


Frank Green is made where the company was founded, in Melbourne. The company is 100% Australian and is a genuine success story, having seen 400% growth year on year since they began. This is due to the quality of their product of course, with many consumers and experts considering it the best reusable coffee cup Australia currently produces. But there are many other reasons why Frank Green reusable cups have become so popular.

One of their major advantages when starting out was their ability to locally source materials, with the green plastics used to make the Frank keep cup coming from just down the road. The factory which produces the green plastics for Frank Green used to manufacture cars, and they have applied their materials expertise to develop a plastic which is stain and odour free, and totally recyclable. No other company uses this material in their coffee cups.

This commitment to sourcing locally not only increased their speed to market but helped boost the local economy. But their impact is now much wider than that, with Frank Green stockists Australia wide emerging as their popularity grows.

Who is Frank Green?

Well, the straight answer to that question is that Frank Green is, in fact, Benjamin Young, a serial entrepreneur from Melbourne. Passionate about both coffee and the environment, he thinks of Frank Green as a philosophy, not a person.

He wanted to start a company that reflected his passion for sustainability, environmental protection and the local economy. So what better way than to make the best travel mugs Australia has to offer as a result. Alongside their green cup of course is the equally ubiquitous frank green water bottle, and the product range continues to expand.

Tie-ins with major names like Disney have done nothing to dent their reputation, and they seem to be as robust a business as their stainless steel coffee mug might suggest.

Are Frank Green Cups Good?

make coffee with frank green cup

The Frank Green keep cup is popular for good reason. No other cup can match it for portability, insulation and durability. Frank Green coffee cups have something to suit everyone. And not all of their cups are the same.

They have a stainless steel coffee cup with ceramic inner, designed for those who want something extra durable or simply prefer not to drink coffee from plastic. The ceramic reusable coffee cup is one of their most popular products. But they also produce a cup made from a unique and 100% recyclable co-polymer.

This same material is used to make the frank green smartcup, which allows you to pay for your coffee with the cup itself! Smart tech built into the cup means you can use it at any cafe using the CafePay system.

The cups provide great insulation and are designed with a curved edge just like a good coffee cup, so the experience of drinking from a frank green reusable coffee cup is just as good. The spill resistant lid is super reliable, making them a perfect choice for commuters or for long trips. To activate the flow of coffee, simply press down on the button, and then press again when you are done to reseal. It sounds so simple, but it’s totally effective, and just one of the reasons this cup was voted best reusable coffee cup australia 2019.

They are super easy to clean, designed so you can access all parts of the cup easily. Only the lid mechanism might occasionally need unscrewing and cleaning. Frank Green's water bottles are also available in Stainless Steel / Ceramic and plastic, and there is a water bottle which incorporates the Smart Pay system too.

Is Frank Green Sustainable?

Yes, Frank Green is about as sustainable as you can get! First of all, think about all of those takeaway coffee cups. Using reusable takeaway coffee cups can save millions of paper cups being used each year. As not all cups can be recycled, many will end in landfill, or worse by the side of the road.

If more people choose reusable cups, then less trees need to be felled to produce paper cups, so not only do we save waste but help preserve our woodlands. Straight away Frank Green are on to a winner. But they don’t stop there: their commitment to sustainability can be seen all through their operations. Choosing to work with and promote local businesses not only helps maintain the local economy, it lowers travel costs and has a significant impact on their carbon footprint.

The Frank Green stainless steel cup and it’s plastic counterpart are the very best of Australian design and manufacture, and produced by a company who are proud to be Australian. Their cups are market leaders in sustainable reusable cups, and this ethos runs right to the core of the company. By sourcing locally and wisely they created not just a market leading cup, but a powerful brand.

Using advanced and 100% recyclable plastics, their cups are super tough, stain and odour resistant, and help to promote environmental health and the local economy. There’s not a lot to not like about Frank Green Cups. Check out our full range to see if there’s a Frank Green cup that suits you.

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