How To Use the Bialetti Kremina: Espresso and Milk Frother Overview-Alternative Brewing

Today, we are going to be making coffee using the Bialetti 3-cup Kremina. The reliable and well-built Bialetti Kremina is an all-aluminium stovetop espresso maker that also has an integrated whisk built into the lid. You can use this for adding a delicious creamy texture to your espressos with or without milk.

Now, the Kremina is the ideal coffee brewer to make short, strong coffees like macchiatos, piccolos, and espressos. It's the ideal choice of brewer for anyone addicted to strong coffees, especially espressos. Let's get brewing using the Bialetti Kremina and figure out how to make that perfect cup of espresso.

How To Make Espresso With The Bialetti Kremina

  1. To begin with, fill your heating vessel with water to just below the pressure valve.
  2. This is 210 mils of water and it is best to use heated water to fill the vessel as this will speed up the whole brew time.
  3. In order to use the correct amount of coffee, fill your basket to measure out your beans. It is a simple method I use daily, but in weighing your coffee out, the basket holds approximately 20 grams.
  4. Grind your coffee to a fine grind as this will make espressos that are rich and full-bodied.
    Bialetti Kremina Espresso
  5. Then, place the grounds in the basket and gently flatten them down with the back of a spoon.
  6. Place the filter basket on top of the water vessel ensuring that there is no grind sitting around the rim. We want to make a nice tight seal when we screw the coffee collector to the top of the water vessel.
  7. If you love to drink your coffee with milk, now's the time to put 45 ml of cold milk into the top of the Kremina. No more than the indicator in the bottom of the top vessel though, and then you can close the lid and place it on the stove on low to medium heat.
  8. Most importantly, you do not want your water to boil too fast here. The aim is to have a level of heat that lets the pressure slowly rise in the bottom and then the water will gradually percolate through your bed of coffee.
  9. It should take a total of three to four minutes to finish brewing, and a great feature with the Kremina is you will know when it is done with brewing as the handle up top will now have slowly risen up and is bobbing up and down.
  10. Turn off your heat, remove the Kremina, and here comes the cool part, frothing the milk!

How To Froth Milk With The Bialetti Kremina

By pumping the handle on the Bialetti Kremina for a few seconds, this is what helps create that deliciously creamy texture and foamy goodness in your coffees. Now, pour them out into your cups to enjoy.

If you prefer your coffee black like I do, you can also froth just the espressos without milk, and it produces a very pleasant texture to the espressos as well. With the Bialetti Kremina, you’ll be able to get a latte without owning an expensive coffee machine. For those who want to save on $5 lattes from cafes, a coffee maker like the Bialetti Kremina will pay for itself for no time as a wallet-friendly alternative for coffee at home! Plus, think of all the drinks you’ll be able to make with a built-in milk frother available.

How Does The Bialetti Kremina Milk Frother Work?

A patented milk frothing device is conveniently attached to the lid of the Bialetti Kremina. Since it froths milk without the need for electricity and can be used on gas, electric and ceramic stoves, the Bialetti Kremina is also perfect for travellers – you won’t need to tote an additional milk frother and it makes a great gift for those who travel often. All you need to do is add 45g of cold milk to the chamber in the top lid and you’ll be able to pump the handle in order to produce perfectly frothed milk in your coffee.

How To Clean The Bialetti 3-Cup Kremina and Milk Frother

In cleaning the unit, waiting for it to cool down is necessary. Once it is cool, unscrew the top, remove the filter basket, and tap out those grinds. The lid is also important to remove and clean thoroughly to make sure it does not turn on you. Then, rinse everything with water. It is fairly important to ensure everything is thoroughly dry before placing it back together.

And that is the Bialetti 3-Cup Kremina for you. It is a fantastic stovetop coffee maker that will produce 120ml of strong espresso and add further drink recipes and options to your morning ritual by virtue of that integrated milk frother. It’s also reliable and incredibly well-made just like everything by Bialetti – it would make a great gift for any coffee lover, especially if the person doesn’t yet own a milk frother.

Does the Bialetti Kremina sound like a coffee maker you’d like to purchase for yourself or a coffee connoisseur? Alternative Brewing offers fast shipping Aus-wide and we think the Bialetti Kremina and Milk Frother is a neat new piece of coffee tech. If you have any questions on the Bialetti Kremina, send us a message and we will get straight back to you. If you liked the Bialetti Kremina and are considering a dedicated milk frother, check out our review of the Bialetti Tuttocrema Milk Frother.