Manual Brewing Saves Money!-Alternative Brewing

Ever thought of how much you spend every week buying coffee before work, on your lunch break and at home on the weekends? On average each Australian drinks 3.90 coffees a week with an average cost of $3.54. Each year this adds up to $717, and if you drink a cup every day this blow out to $1288 every year!

However when brewing with your own equipment this cost can be dramatically reduced! Lets say you grab an AeroPress Bundle, initial outlay is $110 however 250g of beans only cost you $15 which brews 16 drinks, or around $0.93 a cup!

If you drink a cup a day like scenario 2 above, your beans will cost you just $342 a year with equipment of $110, a total of $550 a year which will save you over $700 a year!

Now you know the savings, grab some gear and lets get brewing everyday!