Road Testing the Trinity One-Alternative Brewing

We recently spent some time with Mark Folker and were able to try out an early factory sample of the upcoming Trinity ONE, a high quality all-in-one coffee brewer for press, drip and immersion brew methods.

We were impressed with the quality – the American Walnut timber and 304 stainless steel comes standard on every unit and presents a striking benchtop feature that any coffee aficionado would appreciate.

More importantly however, was the function. The press cylinder allows the unique ability to repeat brewing results by delivering the same pressure every time. We found that with a dose of 17g of filter coffee ground medium-to-fine, we were able to repeat press time results of approximately 90 seconds with 250g of water at 92 degrees.  The press produced a consistently well-rounded flavour with each cup we tested with minimal manual input required by the barista throughout brewing process.

The flow controller allows the barista to immerse coffee under pressure and even control the press speed if desired. This opens up a number of new brewing possibilities, and the function also allows for cold brew immersion possibilities.

The pour over conical opening is compatible with the 6-cup Chemex filters or the Hario 2-cup filters, and also fits a V60 or Able Brewing KONE. The design also allows an Acaia Pearl or Lunar to fit below the brew chamber for yield measurements with a Hario Range server or equivalent, for larger batch brews.

We are very excited and Trinity One will be sure to please all customers who have pre-ordered or backed the early Kickstarter campaign!

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