Review: Rhinowares Grinder-Alternative Brewing

We have our hands on the latest addition to the Rhinowares already well known Grinder range, the new Rhinowares Compact Grinder. The Grinder comes in a small compact box with lots of additions inside along with the grinder. Some of the additions include a travel bag and AeroPress Adaptor which we will speak about later. 

The Rhinowares grinder is a similar width to the Rhinowares tall and wider then others in the field like the Porlex Mini. This wider body provides a catchment of 38g which is more than the field and just under the Rhinowares Tall at 42g capacity. The capacity is more than enough for an AeroPress along with most manual brews.

Grinding on the Rhinowares was as to be expected, smooth with the new designed handle providing a larger point for grip on the end. While some manual grinders have a small area to grab the Rhinowares compact has an oversized handle for the grinder which provides a much easier grind for the daily use. The course variation is strong however we wouldn't recommend this grinder for Espresso grinding by any means, however for manual brewing it is perfect.

Designed for AeroPress, this grinder comes with a purpose build adaptor for the Aerobie AeroPress which is outstanding, the ability to grind directly into your AeroPress is perfect for on the go and reduces the ability to make a mess. This feature would easily draw my preference to this grinder if your using it for an AeroPress.

Overall the grinder is great in its field ticking all the Alternative Brewing Boxes of Capacity, Size, Course ability and features.

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