The Ultimate Pour Over Coffee Guide For 2020-Alternative Brewing

The Ultimate Pour Over Coffee Guide For 2020

Brewing great pour over coffee is an art form, and depending on how fastidious your approach is, can require immense levels of dedication and detail – which is part of the attraction for so many.

When talking about brewing the perfect cup of coffee, we are describing the ideal extraction of those lust worthy flavours, from freshly ground coffee, with utmost precision.

In our quest to convert the BH team to pour over snobs, we enlisted the help of Australia’s ‘Alternative Brewing‘ specialists. Let’s dive into the ultimate pour over coffee guide.

What makes a great pour over coffee?

Technique and tools.

Technique will be the Achilles’ heel of making good pour over coffee, but because each tool requires a slightly different brewing method, we’ll jump into that further down the list. So, let’s begin with the essential tools (and ingredients) you’ll need to excel at brewing coffee and enjoy your new-found hobby.

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