Victoria Arduino Mythos One Coffee Grinder vs. Mythos 2-Alternative Brewing

If you run your own coffee shop and you’re focused on quality coffee, you know you don’t need just any espresso grinder. You need something that was made with great coffee in mind. If you’ve already used the Mythos One, with its innovative Clima Control and Clump Crusher features, you might think it would be hard to beat. However, the folks at Victoria Arduino are confident they’ve managed to outdo themselves with the Mythos 2, and below we explain the differences, new features and improvements.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One  


Victoria Arduino Mythos One Coffee Grinder
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Let’s start with a brief Victoria Arduino Mythos One Coffee Grinder review; already a forward-thinking, and surprisingly affordable grinder, designed specifically with specialist baristas in mind. It was clear with the features they included that they had thought long and hard about their customers and this quickly became a big hit in the retail coffee grinder world.

The innovative Clima Control feature is a godsend to baristas. Featuring not only fans for cooling but a heating element to get the machine up to temperature, the effect is two-fold: not only preventing the burrs from overheating and damaging the flavour, eliminating almost completely the need for multiple redials, it also means the grinder reaches optimum heat very quickly after starting (or resting), which again less waiting around and fiddling with the settings as the grinder warms up over the morning. All great news for baristas. Although not the fastest grinder, this is a small price to pay for such consistency.

It features 75mm titanium-coated flat steel burrs, providing precision and an improved lifespan. The micrometric dialer offers incredible precision. The Victoria Arduino Clump Crusher screen was another innovation, designed to declump the fresh grounds as they fall through the chute. All in all, a triumph and a great choice for those who believe quality is key.


Victoria Arduino Mythos 2


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So can this be improved upon with the Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Coffee Grinder? Victoria Arduino certainly thought so, and they’ve put years of hard work and development into doing so. Building on the success and popularity of the Clima Control system, they’ve now come up with what they call Clima Pro 2.0 technology, which not only warms and cools the burrs but allows you to precisely control the temperature. It also lowers the grind temperature overall, another plus for those concerned with flavour above all else.

The addition of a gravimetric dosing system, which simply put means they’ve fitted scales in the grinder to measure the dose, also seems like a good idea. Also new is the burr speed control system, allowing users to vary the motors speed between 400 to 1200rpm. The burrs themselves are now larger, it is quieter, and the vents have been moved to the back, which is great for larger coffee shops who may need to line more than one grinder up alongside one another. Of course they retained great features like the Mythos One clump crusher.


Differences Between Victoria Arduino Mythos One and 2   

  Mythos One   Mythos 2
Burr Size 75mm Flat Burrs 85mm Flat Burrs
Clima Technology Clima Control Clima Pro 2.0
Temperature Control Steady Temperature and fast warming. Temperature can now be precisely set, still warms quickly.
Noise Level A little louder than the new model Quieter than Mythos One
Grind Speed Was never the fastest grinder, with the focus on flavour over speed. Variable motor speed now allows for faster grind speeds.
LCD display / setting adjustments Come with full LCD display to alter settings. Has touchscreen display to accommodate more variables and three pre-set buttons.
Dosing Dosing is controlled by setting grind time. Gravimetric Technology means dose is set by weight.


Burr Size

The makers have increased the burr size to 85mm, a whole 10mm up on the Mythos One burrs. This amounts to faster grind speeds, and coupled with the Clima Pro 2.0 system to manage the temperature, should not affect the taste of your coffee or result in any burn during grinding.


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Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Coffee Grinder
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Gravimetric Technology

Gravimetric technology essentially is a very fancy way of saying, they’ve put a scale in the machine which allows you to set the dose by weight. This is a great update, which means you (or your barista) will no longer need to dial in the grind time, which leaves the barista to concentrate on making great coffee, not manipulating settings.


Temperature Control  

The biggest improvement in the Mythos 2 is Clima Pro 2.0, an upgrade on the original Clima Control system. But what’s the difference? It has all the advantages of the original design, but now offers users the ability to set a precise temperature which the machine will maintain in the milling chamber using heating elements and a fan. It also is capable of keeping the burrs at a lower temperature overall. Why is this important? Well, according to the makers, this helps with accuracy in dosing and “granulometry”. The lower temperature is also less likely to affect the flavour of the beans, meaning they will exhibit less signs of ‘burn’ during grinding, and provides another variable to tinker with to improve your product.


Variable Speed Motor

The variable speed motor is another great innovation. The motor can be set to any speed between 400rpm up to 1200rpm. Added with the barista in mind, this is yet another variable you can manipulate and experiment with the achieve slight differences in extraction when brewing.


Grind More Quickly

With the variable speed motor, lower temperature and temperature control, the Mythos 2 achieves faster grind speeds without compromising on flavour, when compared to the Mythos One.  


Quieter Operation

Of the two, it is the Mythos 2 which is the quieter, with a lot of effort going into the design to achieve this.


Energy-Saving Feature

The variable speed motor means you can also save money on energy when operated at lower grind speeds. However, if you choose to operate at higher speeds to save time this benefit may be diminished, but the fact you have the option is definitely a plus.


Compact and Ergonomic  

Both models are designed to compact and ergonomic but the Mythos 2 has won plaudits for the redesign, not only more stylish and sleek but with the addition of nice touches like the chalkboard on the back of the case, allowing you to share branding and product information about the beans you are grinding on any particular day.   



Victoria Arduino Mythos Two-Automatic Grinder LCD Screen
Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Automatic Grinder LCD Screen



Dialling-In Settings and Customisation

The Mythos One’s Micrometric dial in means micro adjustments to your grind are super easy to make, and the LCD display makes this and choosing dose size a doddle. The Mythos 2 takes this a step further; with the new touchscreen feature, you can now not only dial in the grind size and dose weight, you can set the motor speed and the temperature. What’s more, once you have decided which settings are working best for which brew (grind/temperature/motor RPM), three pre-programmable (physical) buttons on the front of the machine mean you can assign a combination of different settings to each, and then change between them at the touch of a button.  


Which Should You Choose?


Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Auto Burr Grinder
The Mythos One remains a very impressive machine and packed full of features which are designed to make baristas happy and the coffee they make delicious. The Mythos 2 has built on this impressive legacy, and the addition of upgraded Clima Technology with greater control and lower temperature, allied with the new capability to adjust the motor speed, means that they have managed to make an even more impressive grinder. However, this does come at a cost; the Mythos 2 Gravometric is nearly A$2000 more expensive. Deciding which is best for you may well come down to your budget. However, the Mythos One is by no means a consolation prize, and is still one of the most highly rated grinders available.


Whichever you think is best for you, both of these are available in our store along with countless others, so if you’re starting up in the coffee game or are looking for an upgrade, be sure to check out our selection of automatic coffee grinders.

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