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Victoria Arduino Mythos One Coffee Grinder

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The Mythos is a Coffee Grinder that will empower your baristas to have more consistency and control in using the Victoria Arduino Mythos One Espresso Grinder. Featuring Victoria Arduino’s innovative Clima Pro technology, on-demand grinding, and micrometric precision, it’s no wonder why this grinder has climbed the ranks of barista favorites in the last couple years.

The key to this grinder’s success is the new Clima Pro technology. Using not only powerful cooling fans, but also a heater, this grinder’s able to keep a steady internal temperature from open to close—no more frustrated baristas as the grinder warms up in the morning hours.

Of course, the grinder itself is quite the feat. The 75mm flat steel burrs are coated in titanium, providing not only precision, but also an improved lifespan. As the fresh grounds travel down the chute, they are de-clumped by a new Victoria Arduino Clump Crusher screen and fall into your portafilter without getting stuck in the grinder.

The burrs are controlled by micrometric settings that offer as much control as you could ever need to dial in. The intuitive LCD display makes it easy to adjust dose timers, count shots, and refine grind settings.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One Espresso Grinder Features

75mm Flat Burrs — Titanium-coated steel burrs offer incredible precision and a longer lifespan than the average flat burrs.

Micrometric Espresso Grinding — Find the perfect grind size for your espresso recipe easily with the repeatable micrometric settings.

Clima Pro Technology — Heats and cools when appropriate to maintain a steady temperature from open to close.

LCD Display — Intuitive display makes grinding, programming doses, and tracking shots a breeze.

Clump Crusher — Innovative anti-clump screen and chute keep grounds from sticking to each other.

Zero-Retention Chamber — All the grounds get where they’re needed: your portafilter.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Victoria Arduino Mythos One Espresso Grinder

The Specifics

Grinding Speed 2.7g/sec
Hopper Capacity 1.3kg
Burrs 75mm
Power (W) 230V/800W | 115V/950W
Dimensions mm 188x510x400
Weight 25kg

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