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If you travel frequently and like to take your coffee kit with you, Basal is for you. After years on the road, touring musician and Basal founder Basal Simon Kobler decided something had to be done. As passionate about coffee as he is about music, he became frustrated with constantly breaking his coffee gear on the road.

Basal coffee tools are designed to fit your equipment perfectly, and provide protection from the rigours of travel. Super tough, but lightweight enough to not add to your travel woes, they are perfect for packing in your luggage or throwing in your day bag. The Basal filter coffee traveller case is perfect for filter lovers. The Basal coffee filter bag has space for everything you need. For the travelling Aeropress-er, Basals coffee filter pouches are a godsend. This custom-designed Aeropress filter bag means you never need misplace those on the road. And for those who value precision, the super lightweight travel scales allow you to measure your perfect cup.

If you love coffee and want a super safe way of guaranteeing your favourite brew on your travels, check out our full range of Basal coffee accessories, and keep your favourite gear free from harm.

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