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Friis – Coffee Savor Valve Set, 6 Pack


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Keep your coffee as fresh as possible with the Friis Coffee Savor Valve Set. Though one-way valves lose their integrity over the course of two months, this 6-pack of valve replacements gives you one full year of maximum one-way valve efficiency.

The valve works by allowing carbon dioxide from the beans to exit the container. However, oxygen and other gases from beyond the container cannot get through. This allows these flavour-damaging gases to be removed from your beans.

And the best part is, the valves are quick and painless to replace.

Friis Coffee Savor Valve Replacement Instructions:

  • Open the coffee savor and look at the bottom side of the lid.
  • Push the spent valve through the lid until it detaches.
  • Close the coffee savor lid and reposition the center ring if it also detached.
  • Insert a new valve with the white filter facing down and press until secure.
  • Reposition the date wheel to display a replacement reminder date.

The result isn’t just a Friss coffee storage container that works properly – it’s coffee that remains at peak freshness and quality for as long as possible.

Friis – Coffee Savor Valve Set, 6 Pack Features

Preserves Maximum Freshness – Lets carbon dioxide out without letting oxygen in to preserve your coffee’s full, fresh flavours.

1-Year Supply – Six valve replacements to keep your Friis container at max efficiency for one full year.

Easy To Replace – Quick and painless process brings you better coffee with virtually zero effort.

This product includes:

  • 6 x Friss Coffee Savor Valve Replacements
  • 1 x Instructions

The Specifics

  • Materials: BPA-Free Plastic

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