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Compak K6 PB Grinder

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Built for high-volume grinding, the Compak K6 PB Grinder features powerful 64mm flat burrs, Compak’s efficient precision star doser, and a user-friendly stepless grind collar.

The 64mm flat stainless steel burrs are designed specifically for espresso. They’re precise, fast, and reliable. Adjusting the grind setting is easy thanks to the stepless grind collar. The protruding arm makes the process smooth, quick, and comfortable for your baristas.

A parallel burr mechanism ensures the burrs are perfectly aligned, reducing the risk of micro-wobbling and improving grind uniformity.

The alumim star doser features high-efficiency sweepers that make dosing quick and precise. A built-in tamper saves you time and space in your workflow. The grinder’s internal fan keeps the whole device a steady temperature, eliminating the risk of your environment messing with your grind.

Compak K6 PB Grinder Features

64mm Flat Burrs — Stainless steel burrs grind coffee for espresso with pro-level precision and speed.

Precision Star Doser — Dosing just the right amount of coffee is quick and easy with the high-efficiency doser.

Built-In Tamper — An optional tamper is attached to the doser to save you time and space.

Stepless Grind Collar — The protruding arm makes switching grind settings smooth, fast, and precise.

Parallel Burr Mechanism — Keeps the burrs perfectly aligned to ensure your grounds are uniform.

Internal Fan — Keeps the grinder a steady temperature.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Compak K6 PB Grinder

The Specifics

Doser Capacity300g
Hopper Capacity1.7kg
DimensionsHxWxD / 635 x 215 x 400 (MM)

Recommended Additions

Available Styles

  • Matt White
  • Matt Black


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