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Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker

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The Delter Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a valveless cold drip coffee maker, meaning no more need in adjusting the drips to reach the perfect flavour for coffee. A hassle-free design that makes cold brewing simpler for everyday use.

Say goodbye to valves.

Brought to you by the creator of the Delter Coffee Press the Delter Cold Brew eliminates the valves of a drip system that have been the usual way to set a desired flow rate for brewing cold drip coffee. These valves however, always had one major problem – inconsistency, and would stop halfway through the brewing.

The unique multi-layered drip tray on the Delter Cold Drip, using a pin hole drain, will drip automatically with an average of one drip per second. Creating a nice strong coffee without any compromises or stoppage of brewing.

Cold drip coffee has a low acidity and is a great way to enjoy coffee without the harsh bitter taste, and it is kinder on your stomach while still giving you a strong caffeine hit and with a great taste.  The Delter Cold Brew has discovered a way for you to enjoy cafe quality cold drip at home, any way you like it with ease.

How to use the Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker

  • Add 50 grams of coffee to the coffee basket
  • Pre-wet coffee
  • Add the first tray – fill water to the 200mL fill line
  • Watch the water start to drip over the coffee.
  • Repeat process adding next two trays: total of 600ml.
  • Place lid on – Leave out on the bench, or in Fridge. (4-5hrs)
  • Pour out and Enjoy Delicious Cold Brew Coffee! 

Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker FEATURES

Automatic Dripping – With pin hole drains in each tray set to 1 Drip a second.

Easy Set-Up – Add Coffee, Will each water tray and let it brew away.

Quick Cold Brewing – You don’t have to wait overnight, it’ll be ready in under 5hrs.

Clean Flavour – Using a 304g Reusable fine mesh filter, it eliminates any sediment entering the final brew.

Great Capacity – Will brew up to 600ml of cold brew concentrate to mix with milk, water or your choice of mixer.


  • Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker
  • Glass Pitcher
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Filter


MaterialsBorosilicate Glass, BPA-free plastic, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
Dimensions (mm)(H) 272 (ø) 112 
Capacity600ml Water | 50g Coffee
FilterReusable S/Steel – 50 Microns
Brew Time3-4 hrs

Lid for the Delter Cold Drip Carafe – HERE.


See the Delter Cold Drip in action with Josh from Alternative Brewing below:


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