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Friis – Bean Storage (Red)


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Great coffee always begins with uber-fresh beans, and with the Friis Red coffee vault, you can maximize the freshness of your beans with ease.

This coffee vault is the solution to three major contributors to coffee bean decay: light, heat, and oxygen. The opaque stainless steel body blocks out harmful sunlight and heat. A one-way valve allows the natural C02 to escape without allowing oxygen in, preventing further bean damage.

The stainless steel vault can hold up to 600g of whole coffee beans, so it’s large enough for any household. A BPA-free polymer lid sits atop the vault and seals tightly. There are also ebony and silver colored vaults.

Keep your coffee beans safe, and they’ll return the favor with rich, fresh flavours.

Friis – Bean Storage (Red) Features

Maintains Ultimate Freshness – Keeps your coffee beans at peak freshness for longer by eliminating exposure to harmful elements.

Opaque Stainless Steel Body – Blocks sunlight from damaging coffee freshness.

One-Way Valve – Releases damaging C02 from the grounds without letting damaging oxygen in.

600g Capacity – Can hold plenty of whole bean coffee for any home.

3 Colors – Silver with a black lid, ebony black, and red.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Friis Red
  • 6 x Valves

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Polymer
  • Capacity: 600g of Whole Bean Coffee

Recommended Additions

Available Styles

See how to work the Friis storage below for fresh coffee:


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