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Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185


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Popular among competitive baristas and coffee shops around the world, the Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185 consistently produces some of the best pour over coffee you’ll ever taste.

The brewer’s flat bottom bed and 3 draining holes encourage a more balanced, rounded extraction. The signature wave filters reduce the contact between the brewer wall and the coffee slurry, controlling the drain direction of the coffee and aiding in balanced extraction.

These elements combined make brewing excellent coffee with the Kalita Wave Dripper a simple endeavor. It is only of the most accessible and reliable coffee brewers.

The stainless steel body features the classic Kalita Wave shape and insulates brewing coffee. The BPA-Free plastic handle is comfortable and able to be handled, even with near-boiling water in the brewer.

Throw it in a bag and take it on your journeys without worry. The reliable sturdiness of the Kalta Stainless Wave Dripper 185 makes the brewer a true buy it for life item.

Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185 Features

Even Bed, Even Extraction – The flat bottom bed with three holes encourages even extraction to result in a balanced, flavourful cup of coffee.

Consistent Success – The brewer’s forgiving mechanics make brewing delicious coffee easy and accessible.

Buy It For Life – The stainless steel body is hardy enough to endure drops and kicks. Unless you run it over with vehicle, it’s going to last a very long time.


  • 1 x Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic Handle
  • Size: Height 6.6×Width 11.5×Depth 13.8cm
  • Weight: 160g (Postage weight 400g)
  • Dishwasher Safe

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