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Wacaco MiniPresso NS (Nespresso) Capsules

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Brew rich espresso anywhere with the Minipresso NS compatible with the Nespresso Capsules. This portable espresso maker is light, compact, and incredibly convenient to use, eliminating all the barriers to delicious, balanced espresso at home or on the go.

This NS model is specifically designed to function with tasty and convenient Nespresso pods and can produce up to 45ml of espresso each shot.

This brewer is powered by a user-friendly, semi-automatic piston. When you press it several times over a period of thirty seconds, you produce up to 8 bars of pressure (just like commercial espresso machines) and create a shot of espresso that is syrupy, sweet, and strong.

Basic MiniPresso NS Nespresso Capsule Instructions:

  • Add your Nespresso pod to the pod chamber.
  • Add 70ml of near-boiling water to the water chamber and assemble the brewer.
  • Press the pump continuously and golden espresso will flow into the cup below.
  • When the espresso turns light and blond, stop pumping and enjoy your shot.

The brewing process is quick, straightforward, and easy for anyone to learn.

This portable espresso maker, including its own espresso cup and cleaning brush, is perfect for travel around the globe or just across the street. Weighing only 350g and compactly designed, it’s suitable for whatever journey you’d like to take it on.

MiniPresso NS Portable Coffee Maker – Compatible with Nespresso Capsules Features

Make Espresso Anywhere – Enables you to brew espresso anywhere in the world with ease.

Uses Nespresso Pods – Uses Nespresso pods for ultimate speed and convenience.

Push Powered – Powered by the easy to use semi-automatic piston; no electricity or batteries required.

8 Bars Of Pressure – Produces the standard amount of pressure required by commercial machines to brew a true espresso shot.

Light + Compact – Cleverly engineered to be small and lightweight, making it a perfect travel espresso maker for all types of travellers.

Just Add Hot Water – Simply add hot water and you’re ready to brew espresso.

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This product includes:

  • Minipresso NS
  • Espresso Cup
  • Cleaning Brush

The Specifics

  • Dimensions: 175 x 70 x 60mm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Water Capacity: 70 ml
  • Compatible: Nespresso Pods
  • Average Pressure: 8 bar

Recommended Additions:

Available Styles

Sww how to use the Minipresso NS with Josh from Alternative Brewing below!


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