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Welcome to the Alternative Brewing Click Frenzy – Starts Tuesday 12th at 7pm with New Deals Every Hour Till 10pm, Continuing at 10am Wednesday 13th till Midnight! Deals in a Random Order!

How does this work? Click the below image & refresh at random to secure the deals & read each deal below! Be ready!


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Starting 7pm at Random

Deal 1: 5 x $20 Dripster Cold Drip Coffee Maker

The popular Dripster has been a summer favourite and you have the chance to steal a bargain! We will be offering 5 units at a crazy price, Click above to access this deal!

Deal 2: 2 x $15 Bellman Steamer 50SS

Create powerful micro foam and latte art quality milk anywhere. Using gas or induction heat, power this great unit! Don’t miss out on this great deal

Deal 3: 10 x $5 Hario Cold Brew Pot Black

Cool down this summer with delicious coffee from this cold brew pot. Steep over night and enjoy over two weeks. Limited number of this popular product.

Deal 4: 5 x $5 Rhinowares Compact Handgrinder

Popular matched with the AeroPress the Rhinowares compact grinder is the perfect match. Secure yours for a bargain!

Deal 5: 3 x$30 Welhome Coffee Grinder

Grind your filter roasts for your favourite methods with the Welhome Coffee Grinder, the perfect match for lots of our equipment!

Deal 6: 2 x $30 Bellman CX25P Espresso and Steamer

The ultimate all in one, this espresso maker and steamer will allow you to drop shots and pour latte art all in the one unit, don’t miss out!

Deal 7: 1 x $150 Brewista Cold Pro Complete Kit

Brew big cold brew batches with this complete cold brew coffee kit!

Deal 8: 3 x $20 NanoPresso Black Portable Espresso Maker & Case

The ultimate in Portable Espresso, the Nanopresso has become a popular choice for coffee lovers on the go!

Deal 9: 1 x $100 Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

One of the Most popular Kettles in our range, the Stagg EKG kettle has become a reliable and sleek choice for any use

Deal 10: 10 x $20 Delter Coffee Press

Our Most Popular Product of 2019 the Delter Coffee Press, Brew coffee anywhere with ease!

Deal 11: 1 x $400 x Tiamo Cold Drip Rocket White

$300 off the Limited Edition Tiamo Cold Drip Rocket Tower in White!


More Crazy Deals Likely at random till Midnight Wednesday! Refresh, Be Ready, Be Fast, its Click Frenzy! Good Luck

  • One Deal Per Person

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