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To the coffee buff who has a flair for unique and new ways to prepare his coffee, the Handpresso is a unique treat. The Handpresso Australia version is a portable espresso machine that automatically produces excellent espresso. Just put in a convenient pod and let the Handpresso auto do the rest of the work for you.

The Handpresso is compatible with Nespresso technology to ensure that it will produce great coffee every time you use it.

Since it is meant to be a portable espresso machine that you can carry with you anywhere, you can even plug the Handpresso or Minipresso into your car’s cigarette lighter. The unique design allows the Handpresso to fit into your car’s cup holder.

Handpressos in Australia are especially useful for those who love to travel and explore the vast Outback. The vastness of the Outback can mean that you will go hours before you see a gas station much less a coffee shop. The Handpresso can meet your craving no matter where you are when it hits.

HandPresso portable espresso makers are the easiest way to get espresso quality coffee anywhere, anytime. The first 12V auto espresso maker keeps even the most fanatical of coffee connoisseurs happy with its creamy, delicious espresso. Simply plug it in to your car’s cigarette lighter port and away you go. The device has been engineered so it will fit snugly in your cup holder. No hassles, just great coffee on the go with HandPresso!

Don’t leave yourself hanging. Get a Handpresso for personal use today. Or maybe you can drop some subtle hints to your mate about wanting to get one. Regardless of how you obtain it, the Handpresso will serve your coffee needs nicely.

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